Impact of motivation on workers productivity

The aim of the project is to look out how motivation could affect and enhance the achievement and goals of an institution.

Impact of motivation on workers productivity

A manager must continuously recognize and reward good performance by giving praise and positive feedback, which works to create enthusiasm. Reward system is an important tool that management can use to channel employee motivation in desired ways. In other words, reward systems seek to attract people to join the organization to keep them coming to work, and motivate them to perform to high levels.


In order for an organization to meet its obligations to shareholders, employees and society, its top management must develop a relationship between the organization and employees that will fulfill the continually changing needs of both parties.

At a minimum the organization expects employees to perform reliably the tasks assigned to them and at the standards set for them, and to follow the rules that have been established to govern the workplace.

Management often expects more: At a minimum, employees expect their organization to provide fair pay, safe working conditions, and fair treatment. Like management, employees often expect more, depending on the strength of their needs for security, status, involvement, challenge, power, and responsibility.

Just how ambitious the expectations of each party are, vary from organization to organization. For organizations to address these expectations an understanding of employee motivation is required Pratheepkanth, Motivation is a set of processes concerned with the force that energizes behavior and directs it towards attaining some goal.

Impact of motivation on workers productivity

If it is the role of managers to successfully guide employees toward accomplishing organizational objectives, it is imperative that they understand these psychological processes.

These theories specify the correlates of motivated behavior that is states, feelings or attitudes associated with motivated behavior, and help to represent physiological or psychological deficiencies that an individual feels some compulsion to eliminate. Formal reward programme which denote financial rewards such as salary, fringe benefits, bonuses, promotions or share options play a significant role, but employees accept these as intrinsic factors to the job Pratheepkanth, 1.

This problem has been made worse by the loss of workers through different avenues, for example death, retirement, sacking or resignation. Also, there is generally low turnover. This is because, when employees are not rewarded for their efforts, it leads to a loss of productivity, diminished morale, strained communications between management and the employees, and increased costs of hiring and training new employees.

This has forced the need for organizations to review its reward policies and come up with perks like further education for its employees, promotion after every three years, and a faster processing of retirement benefits.

Some of the factors that can contribute to poor performance among employees in any given organization include poor leadership, lack of team work among employees, lack of an effective rewards system and recognition system, a poor work environment, among others.

Studies that have been conducted on the topic indicates that the most common problem in organizations today is that they miss the important component of reward, which is the low-cost, high-return ingredient to a well-balanced reward system.

Lack of allowances for lunch, transport reimbursements, influences the performance of these officers. To determine the importance of reward systems to organizations.

To find out how reward system impacts motivation employees To reveal the strategies for rewarding workers in organizations to boost their productivity 1. What is the importance of reward systems to organizations?

How does reward system impacts on the motivation of employees?While many workers claim that job satisfaction and a sense of purpose drive their productivity, salary also plays a distinctive role in how well your employees perform.

Impact of motivation on workers productivity

Incentive pay, based on the. Impact Of Employee Participation On Job Satisfaction, Employee Commitment And Employee Productivity Focusing on human motivation and its impact on job satisfaction and productivity, scholars have conducted research on Employee to know who the productive workers are.

Productivity is a performance measure encompassing both efficiency and. Motivating employees is crucial to ensuring a company's success. Low morale damages productivity and relationships, which hurts the bottom line.

To counter these problems, managers must build a positive rapport with workers and learn what motivates them. For employees, one of the biggest concerns is the chance to make.

The Impact of Trade Unions on Productivity Introduction Trade unions are organisations that represent people at work. Their purpose is to protect and improve people's pay .


The original “Hawthorne effect” study suggested that the novelty of being research subjects and the increased attention from such could lead to temporary increases in workers’ productivity. impact on productivity and firm performance, as well as the need for an awareness of this dimension when considering employers’ and workers’ preferences regarding working time.

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