Impact of celebrity endorsement with non celebrity

Because many consumers are interested in celebrity activities, they are more likely to notice your product when a famous person professes to like and use it. However, celebrity endorsements have potential disadvantages.

Impact of celebrity endorsement with non celebrity

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Today, one of the most popular advertising strategies used by companies is celebrity endorsement. Goldsmith, Lafferty and Newell, In India, celebrity brand endorsement has started since late s. Celebrities have their power to grab public attention towards an advertisement. Joshi and Ahluwalia, Celebrity endorsement and Indian consumer buying behavior Various empirical studies have found that celebrities get more attention and recall than any other endorsers Kulkarni and Gaulkar, ; Joshi and Ahluwalia, ; Matrade Chennai, Celebrities are quite effective in generating positive attitude to brands.

Celebrities are more powerful in connecting consumers to brands compared to other types of endorsers. Choi and Rifon, ; Atkin and Block, In India, celebrity power can rightly be assessed by their successful endorsements.

Impact of celebrity endorsement with non celebrity

Here, celebrities like film stars and cricketers have not only been successful in gathering huge public attention, but also in increasing sales volume. For example, Cadbury used Amitabh Bachchan to promote the brand when it went through a bad phase in India. Joshi and Ahluwalia, ; Matrade Chennai, Aamir Khan is used by Titan to communicate the message that Titan watches are as trustworthy as the actor is for his films.

This celebrity endorsement has also been quite effective in influencing consumers buying decision. Joshi and Ahluwalia, Conclusion It can be concluded that celebrities have been quite successful in India in communicating right messages and influencing their purchasing behavior.

Thus celebrity endorsements in India have produced positive impact on consumers buying behavior by increasing public attention and sales volume of the endorsed brands.

Impact of celebrity endorsement with non celebrity

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The impact of corporate credibility and celebrity credibility on consumer reaction to advertisements and brands. Journal of Advertising, 29 3pp.In the report, We have focused on the impact of celebrity endorsement on the overall process of brand building and also tried to define: how to make celebrity endorsement a win-win situation for both the brand and the brand-endorser.

Celebrity Endorsement Marketing Campaigns Words | 6 Pages. Iba October 20, Celebrity Endorsement Marketing Campaigns Celebrity endorsement is a billion dollar industries today (Kambitsis et al., ) with companies signing deals with celebrities hoping that they can help them stand out from the clutter and give them a .

Celebrity endorsement is commonly used to maximise the impact of an advertisement. Among the reasons for engaging celebrity in advertisement is to build product awareness.

Abstract. Celebrity endorsement has been established as one of the most popular tools of advertising in recent time. It has become a trend and perceived as a winning formula for product marketing and brand building. Celebrity endorsement is generally seen as a viable option for brands to increase awareness, build credibility and promote products.

Around % of advertisements aired in the US featured celebrities that endorsed products and brands.


Consumers also find celebrity endorsements more attractive and influential as compared to non-celebrity endorsements. Moreover, the tested attributes show positive relationship with purchase intention, except in case of expertise and trustworthiness of celebrity.

Impact of celebrity endorsement in advertising on brand image among Chinese.

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