How to write a joke book

Share via Email Most jokes are based on surprise. They take advantage of a confusion of language, or a twist in logic, or a contradiction of some perceived truth, or sometimes just saying something so shocking and offensive that the audience will gasp and then hopefully guffaw.

How to write a joke book

July 7th, Author: Dwight Most good jokes are tiny stories with surprise endings and adverse consequence. They contain two parts; the set-up and the punch-line. The set-up takes your mind down a path of predictable outcome. The punch-line changes the outcome to something unexpected, while at the same time detrimental.

In other words, a little trick was played on your mind, revealing that someone got hurt. Then I went on to explain the importance of adverse consequence, and why many — especially the comedy jaded — are especially fond of dark comedy. Consume as much comedy as you can.

If you have talent, the fundamentals will be absorbed. Mostly they reinforced what I instinctively knew. The way I figured out how to write jokes was by studying comedy. No doubt, most of these joke books contain some funny stuff, but inevitably they contain a whole lot of filler terrible jokes too.

Plus most of the jokes, good and bad, tend to be ridiculously long and horribly contrived. I suggest you read those too. I propose a test to my theory. Did you not find yourself thinking of Mitch Hedberg-esque jokes the rest of the day… or week… or your entire open mic comedy career?

My best joke writing burst of creativity occurred 20 years ago, on my drive home from a Steven Wright concert. Fully formed one-liners spilled out of my head, including one of my career best bits, which I opened with the first time I did The Bob and Tom Show.

I was really good at it. My subconscious was trying to channel his genius. It remains one of my goals to this day.

Chapter Three contains jokes. You have an app for that!How to Write a Joke Quiz.

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Professional stand-up comics, business speakers and the general public would do best to read Jim's tutorial first. Writing Jokes for a Speech vs. Stand-Up Comedy. Structurally speaking, joke writing problems are exactly the same for anyone trying to get a laugh.

If you're writing a joke for a book, you have the freedom to be as elaborate (or as simple) as you want to be. Your writing style dictates your type of audience, who will probably get the joke you're cracking. Aug 20,  · How to Write a Funny Book. In this Article: Starting the Book Writing the Book Polishing the Book Community Q&A Writing a funny book can be a fun personal project or a challenging assignment for a class.

how to write a joke book

You may struggle with how to “write funny," especially if humor does not 93%(17). That’s because it’s a joke word - it means both ‘attention’ and ‘a sum paid for the use of money’. At least 50% of the jokes in your book should follow this pattern. That sounds like a lot, but it’s easier than you think.

How to Start Writing a Book: A Peek Inside One Writer’s Process

Just write a list of every joke word you can think of, then form each one into a hilarious joke. Hah, I have that book.

It was an okay read. I've read a few comedy books now and I'm not sure that I would recommend any of them.


The best way to learn how to write jokes would be to immerse yourself in comedy and ask yourself why it was funny. Terry Pratchett once said that Mort was the first Discworld novel he really liked because in the earlier books the plot was just there to support the jokes, whereas in Mort, the jokes were there to support the plot.

7. Write to make yourself laugh (but then have other people check your work). Comedy is .

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